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UltimateDefrag Version 4

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Current Version 4 Information:

Current Version is: UltimateDefrag Version (Release date: 3 July 2012)


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: If you are running a previous Version 4 build, simply install the above version and it will replace the previous installation. You do not need to uninstall previous version 4 builds. Your license information carries over from the previous version so you also do not need to reactivate. If you are running a previous Version 3 or older build, Version 4 installs to its own directory. Install version 4 and at any time you can uninstall previous versions. You need a version 4 license to activate Version 4. Licenses for older versions will not work. TO UPGRADE FROM VERSION 3 or older, you are entitled to a 40% discount off the regular price. Click here for upgrade information.

1. Internal checks for better program stability.
Bug Fixes:
1. Stopped crash to desktop when user moves files using drag and drop.

Previous Version. Initial V4 Release: UltimateDefrag Version (Release date: 7 June 2012)

TO UPGRADE FROM VERSION 3 or older, you are entitled to a 40% discount off the regular price. Click here for upgrade information.

New Features:
1. Added Simple Mode for Non-Power Users. Running in Simple Mode disables most options of the program. User simply needs to press start (or schedule defrags) for an optimal file placement routine. The defrag considers users file usage patterns to ensure that most of the time, seek times are minimized to 1 to 2 milliseconds while data transfer rates are always within 90% of maximum for users hard drive. Simple mode also has its own unique one-click scheduler for ease of scheduling.
2. Added Ability To Accelerate Specific Programs By Name. UltimateDefrag identifies all applications installed on the PC and creates a list of programs accessed in the High Performance Dialog. User simply selects the program(s) to accelerate buy placing a checkbox next to the program.
3. Added Additional Criteria To Select File Use Frequency for High Performance and Archive. User can select files for High Performance and Archive based upon percentage or absolute numbers based upon total data or file count.
4. Added Actions After Defrag Option To Tools Menu. For manually started defrags, user can opt to, after defrag is complete, Exit the program and have PCs power management features be applied as per power management settings or shutdown the user's PC.
5. Added File Usage Database Operations. User can now purge file usage database for any drive. Useful for conserving memory in instances where a drive has been removed or user simply wants to restart data collecting.
6. Added Scheduled File Usage Database Update. Users who do not run defragmentation routines daily can automatically update their file usage patterns on a daily basis at a scheduled time.
7. Added Logging enabling user to monitor defrag history for individual drives.
1. Changes To Settings Immediately Flushed To Disk. Prevents user losing changes to settings in the event of bnormal program termination.
2. Drive Tabs now show when drive was last defragged.
3. Added granularity to recency method. Instead of strict placement user can add "slack" to the sorting resulting in much faster defragmentation runs for recency methods.
4. Improved FragProtect algorithm.
5. Improved Drag And Drop Functionality when a user drags a file to the new location on the drive, user has the ability to included all files in the selected files directory.
6. Option To Disable File Usage Database. Improves memory usage but reduces defrag options available.
7. Improved percentage completed calculation. Now it reports throughout single file defrag.
8. Identify and remove orphaned Defrag tasks. Task scheduler is checked for inconsistencies between Defrag tasks in Task Scheduler and UltimateDefrag and removes found tasks from task scheduler.
9. Improved detection of changes to drive during defragmentation and indication on GUI when file change detector has been activated.
10. Trap To Detect and Stop "stuck" defrags.
11. Removed Volatility Method. Did not serve any useful purpose in everyday environments.
12. Ability to change background color behind GUI disk
Bug fixes:
1. Corrected placement of hard links for files in layout.ini.
2. Corrected handling of MFT Reserved Zone Sizing

Current Version is: UltimateDefrag Version (Release date: 12 June 2012)


1. Re-added crash.dmp for support assistance for random crashes to desktop. It was inadvertently omitted from release version.

Tech Support Information:

All outstanding issues have been corrected in Build If you are encountering an issue not addressed by build corrections, please contact support@disktrix.com.