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“ What They Don't Tell You About File Fragmentation....”

File fragmentation is only a minor contributor to reduced hard drive performance.
There are 2 other primary reasons for reduced hard drive performance and they contribute more to hard drive performance degradation than file fragmentation. They are:

1. The physical position of your files on your hard drive.
This is what affects your transfer rates and contributes around 35% to hard drive performance loss.
2. The span or spread of your files also known as the seek confinement.
This is what affects your seek times and and also contributes around 55% to hard drive performance loss.
Then comes...
3. File fragmentation
This is what affects individual file read performance and only contributes about 10% to hard drive performance loss.
By using defrag software that only defrags fragmented files, and that is pretty much every other defrag product on the market, you are only improving your hard drive performance by, at best, 15%. If you feel that your system is faster, sorry to disappoint you, it's just a placebo effect.

There is one product, and one product only, that will improve your hard drive performance by 300 to 400% of factory averages and and up to 600% of what most user's hard drives can degrade to if left unmaintained.
That product is UltimateDefrag and we're going to explain the science behind it for you.
It's called UltimateDefrag.

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