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You've just discovered the most fascinating software you've come across in a long time.
It's a hard drive defragmenter but it is no ordinary hard drive defragmenter! It's more of a hard drive optimizer. It's called UltimateDefrag, and it truly has more positive performance impact than any other software program you will use to speed up your Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP PC.
We're talking up to 6 times faster hard drive performance!
Forget about tweaking programs such as registry cleaners etc. Their performance gains are negligible and they could leave your delicate operating system unstable.

There's only one significant bottleneck to your PC's performance and that is your hard drive. However, with that being said, forget about "dime-a-dozen" defragmenters and free defragmenters. Defragmenting alone only gives you about a 10 to 20% performance increase. Hardly noticeable!
UltimateDefrag, and ONLY UltimateDefrag, addresses the actual reasons for reduced hard drive performance
The main causes of the hard drive performance bottleneckare:
» Data transfer rates
» Seek Times and Access Times

These two causes contribute 80% to 90% to reduced hard drive performance. Fragmentation only contributes 10% to 20%.
UltimateDefrag, and only UltimateDefrag, specifically maximizes Data Transfer rates and minimizes Seek Times while optimizing your hard drive and simultaneously defragmenting.
UltimateDefrag gives you 6 times faster hard drive performance!
View the drive pictures in the right hand column to see what we mean.
You've just brought your old slow PC back to life and made your new fast PC even faster.
Your PC now always performs as fast as the day you first switched it on
You've just Unleashed The True SpeedOf Your Windows PC!
Order UltimateDefrag4 today! You won't believe the capabilities of this software. Capabilities that have never been available to optimize hard drive performance.
Anything you could imagine that you could do as far as placing files, optimizing file read performance, choosing applications you want fastest performance from, you can do it with UltimateDefrag4.
You don't have to be a power user. PC novices can just use the Simple Mode feature for automatically, and intelligently, optimized hard drive performance.
Power users - every option you could imagine for manipulating and optimizing placement of files on your hard drive are at your disposal.

Defragment and reorganize your hard drive file layout from this slow performing mess...

...to this perfectly
optimized file layout
that now performs
6 times faster!



That's what a number of defragmentation tools claim to enable you to do.

None of them enable you to optimally place those system files for maximum performance. Only UltimateDefrag enables you to do that!

The relative placement of these files, MFT and page file can have a big effect on your PC's performance.